Common Properties


The name that appears within the timer list or sub-timer list of the compound timer. If left blank the timer will appear as Unnamed Timer.

Activity iOS Only

The activity that you intend to perform during this timer.

The activities that are listed are provided by Apple Health and setting the activity for a timer is required if you want Seconds to save the workout you perform during this timer to Apple Health.


The alerts that are currently assigned to the timer.


iOS and Android have some differences when it comes to alerts the compound timer. iOS will use the alerts setting for each of the sub-timers and use the compound timer alerts for any rest intervals. Android will only use the alerts set in the compound timer, and alerts set within the sub-timers are ignored.


Displays the current audio selection assigned to the timer and takes you to the audio editor.

Allow Overrun iOS Only

Enabling the allow overrun option will append an additional interval to the end of the timer that is set to count up indefinitely.

This can be used if wish to carry on training after your scheduled intervals have completed and still want to log the time.


If you use Seconds in the background and you have enabled the allow overrun option, make sure that you end your timer when you are finished. If you forget Seconds will still be operating in the background which will impact your battery life.


The colour that will be used within the timer list. If not defined the colour of the parent folder will be used.

Notes iOS Only

An area where you can add additional information about your timer. Any links will be clickable.


While editing your timer it can be helpful to see all the intervals that will be in the timer when it is performed. This is what the preview is for.

On iOS there is a Preview Bar at the top of the editor that displays an overview of the timer along with the duration. Tapping this bar will take you to a list of all the intervals.

On Android tap the Preview button to view the list of intervals.