The name of the interval that will appear during the timer. If you have assigned a text-to-speech alert, this is the text that will be read out for that alert. Defaults to Unnamed Interval.

On iOS you may include the token $(round) in your interval names and this will be replaced with the current interval number.


The length of the interval in HH:MM:SS format (MM:SS only on Android).

Be aware that durations such as 0:90 are possible and will be converted to the correct format of 1:30 upon exiting the editor.

iOS 13.4

Apple appear to have changed how selecting text fields works. Where previously tapping the textfield would always place the caret at the far right, now it is places where you tap. A way around this, is to not tap the text field at all and instead tap the row text label.

Count Up Indefinitely iOS Only

Enabling the count up indefinitely option will change how the timer behaves.

Rather than counting down to zero and then advancing to the next interval, the timer will instead count down from the duration, and then continue counting up after it reaches zero (if the duration is already set to 0:00 then it will count up immediately).

You will then be required to tap the next interval when you are ready to advance the timer.

Valid Duration

In order for an interval to be considered as having a valid duration, it must either have a duration greater than zero or the count up indefinitely option enabled. If neither of these conditions are true the interval will not be included in the timer.


The colour the timer will display during this interval.

Split Interval Left/Right

When split interval left/right is enabled an interval within the timer will be replaced by two intervals with half the duration. The new interval names will be appended with an addition label indicating which part of the split it refers too.

Pause Between Sides iOS Only

When split interval left/right is enabled, assigning a duration here will add an additional rest interval between the two split intervals, allowing you additional time to get into position for the next half.

First Half iOS Only

Setting a value to first half allows you to customise the label appended to the first of the two split intervals. Defaults to Left.

Second Half iOS Only

Setting a value to second half allows you to customise the label appended to the second of the two split intervals. Defaults to Right.

Exclude From Count

When enabled, exclude from count will prevent an interval being counted in the total number of intervals for a timer. This is used by built in templates to exclude rest intervals.

For example, a HIIT timer with 3 sets, a warm-up and cool-down, has a total of seven intervals. As a user, you really only care about the 3 high intensity intervals. The template will enable the exlude from count option on the low intensity, warm-up and cool-down intervals.

When a timer is running the interval count display option will show the current / total intervals. The current will increase only when an interval is not excluded from the count.


The exclude from count option has no impact on the time elapsed or time remaining.

Halfway Alert

When enabled the halfway alert option will provide an addition alert halfway through an interval.


The halfway alert is only available on text-to-speech and beep alerts.


Displays the current audio selection for the interval. Tapping this will take you to the audio editor.

Beats Per Minute iOS Only

Assigning a number value to the beats per minute will enable a metronomic type alert throughout an interval. E.g assigning the value 60 would produce a beep each second, the value 120 would product a beep every half second.