Apple Watch iPhone Only


When enabled the watch will play the alert sounds assigned to the timer.


The volume of the alert playback.


When enabled the watch will produce haptic feedback when even an alert should be played. This applies even if you have disabled the alerts above.


Due to some strange decisions Apple have made about how the watch works you can only reliably get haptic feedback if you use the watch in silent mode.

When not in silent mode haptic feedback only works while the app is actively on screen. As soon as you lower your wrist it is replaced with an audible alert.

Low Power Mode

By default the app will continue to refresh the user interface while in the background, this allows the screen to be up-to-date when you raise your wrist to glance at the time.

By enabling this setting, the user interface will no longer be refreshed in the background. This will result in a slight delay when glancing at the time.

Skip Restart Option

When enabled the option to restart the timer once it is completed will be skipped and you will be take straight to the summary.

Preparation Interval

An interval that will be prepended to all timers on the Apple Watch allowing you extra time to prepare yourself.

This interval will be used if the interval duration is greater than zero.

Pool Length

If you plan to perform swimming workouts with Apple Watch you should enter the length of the pool you use here.

Unit of Measurement

The unit for the pool length value.

Sync Timer Now

A button that will force your timers and all Apple Watch settings to the watch. The subtitle of this row displays the most recent status of the Apple Watch transfer.