General Settings

Save Workout Data iOS Only

When enabled and performing a timer that has an activity assigned a workout will be saved to Apple Health upon completing a timer.

Grant Pending Permissions iOS Only

Occasionally, we may need to add new Apple Health permissions in order for Seconds to work correctly. When we do, rather than present the Health permissions screen when you launch the app there will be a notification here.

Tapping this row while you have pending permissions will present the Apple Health permissions sheet where you can allow or deny permissions.


We only request permissions that are required for the app to function as you expect. It's important to grant all the permissions we request.

Template Defaults iOS Only (Upgraded)

The template defaults allows you to define the starting point of the timer editors.

For example, if you always want a circuit timer to use a particular alert, you can define this in the template defaults. When creating a new circuit timer the alert you defined in the defaults will already be selected.