Sound Settings

Use System Music Player iOS Only

Seconds has two methods of playing the audio you assign in the timers and intervals. When enabled Seconds will use the system music player.

Internal Music Player

Seconds controls the music playback itself. This allows greater control of the playback, including volume levels. However, using this method does not allow playing music with DRM (Digital Rights Management) which includes any music from the Apple Music subscription.

System Music Player

Seconds delegates the music player back to the Music app. This does not have as great control over volumes, but it can play all music.

Alerts Volume

The volume the timer alerts should play at.

Vibrate on Alert iPhone Only

When enabled the device will vibrate during alerts.

Cadence Volume iOS Only

The volume cadence alerts should play at.

Internal Audio Volume iOS Only

The maximum volume level of internal audio. Volume settings within intervals will be relative to this setting.

Internal Audio Ducking iOS Only

The relative audio volume when ducking while using the internal audio player. When set to 100% no ducking will occur. When set to 0% the audio will not be audible during ducking.

External Audio Ducking iOS Only

When enabled the system ducking will be used during alerts.

Speech Options

iOS users can configure the speech within the app. Android users should install Google Text to Speech and configure it to their liking.

Sample Text iOS Only

Text that will be spoken when editing the speech options.

Language iOS Only

The voice that Seconds will use for Text to Speech alerts.

Pitch iOS Only

The pitch at which the speech will be spoken at.

Speech iOS Only

The speed as which the speech will be spoken at.

End Message iOS Only

A custom message to be spoken when completing a timer using a text-to-speech alert.

Speak Now iOS Only

A button to hear the current speech settings.

Music Continuation

Rather than per interval settings for music continuation, Android users have a global setting which applies to all music.

Music is the same Android Only

When enabled music will continue uninterrupted when the next interval has the same music defined as the current interval.

Music is not set Android Only

When enabled music will continue uninterrupted when the next interval has no music defined. The music will continue until the timer reaches another interval with music defined.

Shuffle Android Only

When enabled all music collections will be shuffled when playing.