Timer Settings

Configure Timer Display

Allows you to define the fields of the timer display to your own personal liking.

Countdown Presets iOS Only

Define the durations of each button on the Countdown Timer.

Preparation Interval

An optional interval that can be prepended to all timers. You enable the preparation interval by giving it a duration greater than zero.

On Android this option is available as an on/off switch. When enabled a 10 second preparation interval is prepended to all timers.

Disable Vibrations Android Only

When enabled all vibrations are disabled, overriding any vibration settings within timers.

Disable Auto-Lock

Disables the device auto-lock feature and prevents the screen from turning off after a period of inactivity.

Pause for Interruptions iOS Only

When enabled the timer will pause if there is an interruption such as a phone call.

Lock Interface When Timing

When enabled, starting the timer will immediately lock the interface, requiring you to first tap the unlock button before you can perform any other action.

Tap Timer to Play/Pause

Allows you to tap the main time display to play or pause the timer, rather than just the small play button in the corner.

Control with Remote iOS Only

When enabled and the system audio player is disabled it is possible to use the remote control of some headphones to play and pause the timer.


We no longer recommended using the internal audio player as it will not play any music from an Apple Music subscription. The internal audio player and this option will both be removed in the future.

Notifications in Background iOS Only

Enable to receive local notifications informing you of interval changes when the app is not being displayed on screen.

Hide Statusbar iOS Only

When enabled iOS devices without the notch will remove the status bar allowing a little extra space for the timer screen to be displayed.

Button Beep when Pressed iOS Only

When enabled the timer interface buttons will beep when tapped.

Share on Timer Complete iOS Only

When enabled the iOS share sheet will be presented when you complete a timer allowing you post a message on social media with a link to your timer.

Customise Colours iOS Only

The customise colours screen allows you to enter new hexadecimal colour values to change the appearance of the preset colours within Seconds.

The screen also provides preset values for previous versions of Seconds as well as an option to restore the defaults.

Tapping Share will create a link that you can share with friends so they can use the same colours as you.

Privacy Mode iOS Only

When enabled and sharing your screen over AirPlay, an additional Seconds branded screen will appear rather than displaying your list of timers.

Quick Actions & URLs iOS Only

Quick Actions refer to the ability to press and hold the app icon and to reveal a list of actions the app can perform. Seconds add the first timers valid timers from your main timer list to the Quick Actions.


When enabled opening a timer via a Quick Action or URL will open and start the timer immediately.

Prefer Internal Audio

When starting a timer the app needs to know whether you want it handle the music or whether any music from a 3rd party music player should continue playing. When opening a timer from the timer list Seconds will ask you which you want to use. However, when opening a timer from a Quick Action or URL it doesn't get the chance.

When this option is enabled Seconds will always prefer the timer audio settings if any are present and in such situations stop any external audio players from playing.